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Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy!

We will meet via Zoom, Monthly, you pay as you go…booking directly on my calendar. The first session is the, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) cutting edge hypnosis session, to clear negative past events blocking your success.. This is a 2-hour session designed to clear and transform lifelong issues in one session!

About your Coach: Kelly Granite Enck

Kelly spent 12 years in the feature film industry, working for legions like George Lucas at ILM. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, she graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts. Kelly is also an Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Practitioner, having trained with Dr. Jon Connelly the founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), the cutting-edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results. Kelly has also trained in NLP, EMDR, and EFT. Most of Kelly’s referrals come from Psychologists and Psychiatrists due to her success in helping their patients with disorders caused by thought patterns that trigger deep anxiety or panic. Kelly specializes in extremely difficult cases, helping Children, Teens, and Adults become confident. Book your Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) first Appointment now by clicking the BOOK NOW button.

Quiet Brain Hypnotherapy

The Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) session can be experienced from anywhere in the world: as long as you have a quiet place, a phone or computer, and your charger.  My clients have enjoyed the Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) in their Tesla, sitting in a National Park or aboard their sailboat boat on the Puget Sound, while others have kept it simple by choosing a quiet room in their home. Find a quiet location, open the private secured Zoom link, which I will email you 15-minutes before your appointment and set your intention for the session. I will be online 15 minutes early, in case you need help getting Zoom up and running. If you are a pro, I will see you at the exact time of your session.

Quiet Brain Hypnotherapy: Helping my clients train their brains to be quiet is my expertise. I developed this method after years of research, and working on my stubborn brain. Now everyone can get a quiet brain in 21 days after learning my technique during an RRT Session. Negative emotions, feelings, and sensations are caused by inner dialogue. Thoughts have energy, they create, so it is important not to get caught up when the brain chatters judges or protests. Untrained brains chatter all day long. When you use the technique I will teach you, you will have a quiet brain. My Executive Life Coaching Session begins with a Rapid Resolution Therapy® Hypnosis session, once the limiting beliefs are cleared, and your brain has been trained to be quiet, we can work on your specific goals and they will manifest effortlessly. Sparks of Insight comes from a quiet brain!! These flashes are packages of information– flashes of ideas that push us a little and challenge us as if our higher self is teasing us to use all our gifts and explore the unknown! My mission is to help whoever comes to me for healing, learn how to quiet their brain. A person who has transcended the human brain and all its inner dialog will no longer identify with suffering. When you reach this state, you will realize that you are the creator of your reality, both the good and the bad. You can instantly change your reality with a few simple tools and a quiet brain. Once your brain is quiet everything becomes magical! Suddenly you will leave the old brain’s way of reacting to life behind you, and you will become the deliberate creator of your life! Life with a quiet brain is better than anything you can imagine! You have been given a blank canvas and your thoughts are like paint, whatever you are thinking about is creating your reality. Learn how to Mastering Your Brain, and You will discover that you are a great painter and life will be a Great Adventure!

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