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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnosis to Quit Smoking!

This is a two-part quit smoking hypnotherapy method: You pay for one session at a time, until you are a non-smoker, most of my clients become a non-smoker after the second session!

You pay for the first session and come back when you are down to 10 cigarettes a day for your final session and you leave a NON-SMOKER! This is a gradual and easy method because you will be weaning yourself off the drug of nicotine.

PART 1: Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

$250. 2-hour

This is a 2-Hour Rapid Resolution (RRT) Hypnotherapy Session” to clear out the root cause of why you are risking your life to smoke and it is designed to help you build a robust foundation to never smoke again.

Part 2: Follow-up Return Client Hypnotherapy Session & Leave a Non-Smoker!

90 Minutes $150.

This session is booked after you get down to 10 cigarettes or less a day for two weeks. This process works because the “Nicotine in your body” is low enough to handle the 24 hours it takes to rid your self of the drug cravings. This method is extremely successful! One of the reasons why it is so powerful is because we create your “bucket list” of all the things you want to do before you die, and then you get leverage over yourself because you realize that if you keep smoking you may miss being here with those you love. If you thought the smoking sticks were bad, take a look at VAPING! One inhale with a vaping device is an entire pack of cigarettes, just think of the risk of lung damage! Nicotine Companies are now hooking 15-year-old kids with flavored puffs! It only takes 5 puffs to be hooked on a vaping device. I am here to help you!! If you are hooked on a vaping device, switch back to cigarettes in order to use this method of getting down to 10 cigarettes a day. It is much easier to quit smoking than to quit vaping.


Your smoking habit is a subconscious behavior rooted in the erroneous belief that smoking brings you pleasure. Nicotine is a stimulant, yet you think it’s relaxing. The truth is, the cigarette does not help relieve stress, it only relieves the stress caused by the nicotine craving. You have been convinced that quitting smoking has to be a miserable ordeal with suffering, agitation, overwhelming cravings, and emotional turmoil. It doesn’t have to be a horrible experience, that is a limiting belief chaining you to your next smoke. I do not sell expensive packages of hypnosis sessions, because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get help to stop smoking.

Click the BOOK NOW button and become a non-smoker! Sign up for the 2-hour Rapid Resolution Therapy Session today and get ready to live your Wildest Dreams with the money that you have been spending on cigarettes and burning up in your ashtray! Someone smoking a pack a day is spending $207 a week on cigarettes, which is $10,800 each year! What price do you put on your Health? This method has a huge success rate! It can work for you too!

Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist, CHt B.A. is a graduate from California State University Northridge and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Kelly has trained with Dr. Jon Connelly and she is Certified in Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), the cutting edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results. Kelly has also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, (EMDR), and she is certified in Advanced Regression Hypnosis (NGH). Depending on her client’s goals Kelly may use one or all of the above modalities with her Hypnotherapy Sessions. If you have any questions call Kelly at Doylestown Hypnosis: 215-840-0684 or Book your In-Office or Phone Session by clicking the BOOK NOW button.

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