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Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) the Cutting Edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results!

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Tossing and Turning All Night?

If you have been stuck and unable to successfully fall asleep, it is likely that you are being affected by experiences from your past. When fueled by the ongoing influence of past events, emotional problems, troubling thoughts, destructive behaviors, and relationship difficulties can seem impossible to overcome. Attempting to bring about enduring change without eliminating these “ghosts from the past” is like trying to repair the structure of a building by applying a coat of paint.


What is Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)?

With Rapid Resolution Therapy®, trauma is resolved gently and painlessly. Conflict blocking desired change disappears. Because the root causes of problems are pinpointed and cleared, positive changes endure. Negative emotions and destructive behavioral patterns are eliminated. There are dramatic improvements in thoughts, feelings, and behavior.


How Rapid Resolution Therapy Works


Past events exerting a negative effect can range from experiences as “normal” as a sharp word from a teacher or parent to those as terrible as rape, torture, and war. Many people continue to be affected by grief following the loss of a loved one or heartbreak following the end of a romantic relationship.  Unlike other forms of treatment, with Rapid Resolution it is not necessary to relive past events or experience any pain.  There are dramatic improvements in thoughts, feelings, and behavior.



What to Expect

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a very short-term treatment. Most individuals require between 1 and 3 sessions for lasting results. The first session is two hours. Subsequent sessions are usually shorter, with one hour for tweaking the new changes.


Kelly Enck, Hypnotherapist, CHt B.A. is a graduate of California State University Northridge and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Kelly has trained with Dr. Jon Connelly and she is Certified in Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), the cutting edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results. Kelly has also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, (EMDR), and she is certified in Advanced Regression Hypnosis (NGH). Depending on her client’s goals Kelly may use one or all of the above modalities with her Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Want to work with me?

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)™ is the cutting-edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results. RRT Therapy is designed as a one-time session, and is 2 hours long. Often in a single RRT Therapy session, you can clear, transform, and resolve lifelong issues with lasting results.

Kelly Granite Enck B.A. CHt. is a Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy™ (RRT) Practitioner.

Kelly services clients worldwide with remote Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Sessions via Zoom. You can get the same great results without leaving the comfort of your home. The familiar surroundings of your home create a relaxed atmosphere that promotes effective therapy, while the presence of your beloved pets, such as dogs, can further enhance this sense of comfort and ease during the session.

Sessions are available for Children, Teens, and Adults.


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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) 

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Seattle Office: 206-507-3203

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