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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve your overall health. I would suggest for your first hypnosis session signing up for the 2-hour Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnosis session. During this session, we will find the root cause of why you have been overeating. Once the root cause is observed and changed, the weight falls right off, because you are no longer eating to cover up hidden emotions. Hypnosis for weight loss is my specialty, I even have a Youtube channel on how to use food to make you happy and even slow down aging. I will provide you with a fascinating education on food, and how we are emotionally connected to our choices when we are hungry.

How Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss? 

The hypnosis for weight loss session is custom-designed to help you find the hidden emotional-event causing you to overeat. In this state of focused awareness, hypnosis allows you to become the experiencer rather than the emotional experiencer, making it easy for you to rearrange the hurtful event by changing its meaning, so that it has, no more power over you. This process is effortless and riveting! We are often reacting to childhood events that hurt our feelings and were buried in our subconscious mind. They are buried so deeply, that we don’t even know why we are over-eating. When current events get close to this buried emotion it triggers a mental minefield. As a “protection method,” we reach for food as a blanket to soothe these buried negative emotions. In a relaxed state of Hypnosis, you can “pinpoint” the emotion-event or “root cause” and change this limiting belief forever! Once changed, the emotion goes away, and you will have control over your thoughts. You will not need to count calories, or obsess about food, instead, you will be living the life of your wildest dreams in your ideal body! Every change you want to make in life starts in the MIND. Deep, Deep within you, in the quiet of your mind is your power and strength, hypnosis helps you get there.

What to Expect

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a short-term treatment. Most individuals require only 1 to 3 sessions for lasting results. Often in a single Rapid Resolution Therapy session, you can resolve lifelong issues. The follow-up sessions are much shorter, usually around one-hour for tweaking and to reinforce the positive results. I recommend scheduling a one-hour follow-up hypnotherapy session three weeks after the first Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) session for the best results.

Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist, CHt B.A. is a graduate of California State University Northridge and she is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Practitioner. Kelly has trained with Dr. Jon Connelly, the founder of the cutting-edge RRT method for Rapid Results. Kelly has also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, (EMDR), and she is certified in Advanced Regression Hypnosis (NGH). Depending on her client’s goals, Kelly may use one or all of the above modalities with her Hypnotherapy Sessions. If you have any questions call Kelly at Doylestown Hypnosis Seattle at 206-507-3203 or Book your Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnotherapy Appointment by clicking the BOOK NOW button.

Close Your Eyes. Relax. Take a Deep Breath.

Want to work with me?

Book an appointment on Kelly Granite Enck Hypnotherapist’s calendar by clicking the ‘Red Button’ for an In-office or Zoom Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Hypnotherapy Session. Your limiting beliefs can be like fences that you look through; clear just one limiting beliefs and a whole bunch of them disappear. I look forward to helping you!

"You Live In A Safe Universe."

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